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Orchestral transcriptions for brass

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Work in progress

Overture on a Spanish March.

Mily Balakirev's lively and melodic overture of about 13 minutes duration. The march in question is the 'Marcha de Granaderos' which later became the National anthem of Spain. I am intentionally making this a tad tricky as a true test, but I do believe it remains playable. [Original]  

Brass band

Saltarello or the finale taken from Felix Mendelsshon’s Italian Symphony.

Wiki quote “The saltarello enjoyed great popularity in the courts of medieval Europe. During the 15th century, the word saltarello became the name of a particular dance step (a double with a hop on the final or initial upbeat), and the name of a meter of music (a fast triple), both of which appear in many choreographed dances.”  [Original]  [In brass]

Brass band with choir

Sir Hubert Parry’s “I was Glad when They said unto me”.

Written for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 and later revised. The text of the anthem consists of verses from Psalm 122. The work is brass band with mixed choir.  [Original]  [In brass]

Brass quintet

Taken from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, Nimrod

The name of the variation refers to Nimrod, an Old Testament patriarch described as 'a mighty hunter before the Lord'.  [Original]  [In brass]

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To your left you will find just a handful of examples of the brass transcriptions on offer within the PDF library. This includes my current project (work in progress) with a short excerpt playing in the background, now.

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At the bottom left-hand corner are some tempting clips

Tivoli Gardens c.1985

The art of the possible.  [Clip 1]  [Clip 2]  [Clip 3]  [Clip 4]  [Clip 5]  [Clip 6]  [Clip 7]