Terms of use

By downloading any thing from this site you, or your organisation, or whomever is concerned, agrees to the terms and conditions stipulated below. Copyright is to be honoured as we honour copyright holders.

Brass bands, ensembles, groups, and solo performers may freely perform works, transcriptions, and arrangements downloaded from this site, so long as:-


1. They do not attempt to sell or distribute this music for commercial gain,


2. They make only sufficient copies for their own use or for use in performance or contesting,


3. Programmes or sleeve notes or compere announcements acknowledge the contribution made by “Geoff Colmer” and any associated copyright holder,


4. If a commercial recording to provide (free of charge) an mp3 of said recording to Geoff Colmer to be used as a reference source for further transcriptions,


5. The performers adhere to any specific copyright and performance right instructions given on each downloaded file,


6. They honestly use and, in turn, protect the interests of the copyright holder.


7. The “downloader” undertakes accountability for virus protection and protecting their own computing systems,


8. Understand that “Geoff Colmer” accepts no liability in the performer not having followed copyright instructions or the copyright laws of the country where the performance takes place.


9. Understand that “Geoff Colmer” offers this website and its contents without any want for commercial advantage.  



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